Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to get more & more profile views on blogger harnessing new Blogger profile feature

Remember in orkut, whatever interest or information you put in orkut profile, it gets hyperlinked with search results in orkut itself for that word. It actually makes you to look for the people who have similar interest etc.

Google has re-introduced same for Blogger profile, just put in interest or whatever in your Blogger profile and when you will click on that you will get the list of Blogger sharing same words or items in their profile.

Now you can use that feature to increase your profile views. It is very simple, all you need is to clutter your profile with loads of interests. But before going in details, lets look what actually google has introduced in Blogger profile.

Lets make visual explanation of all this.

I took a random profile and from his profile I clicked his one of interest that is FOOD.

When I clicked food then it showed me list of Blogger sharing same interests and presented me following results.
You can easily see that it showed results for FOOD and gave me around 38000+ blogger profile.

So this feature can be easily spammed and people already started it. Hence, to increase the chances of your profile view, fill it with everything you have in mind. Now whenver a blogger around the world have any of similar interest, shall automatically link you. :P . I already found few profile doing same and has profile views in thousands already. I am not pretty sure that how much it is going to affect but sure it will affect.

Here is one of the profile which is cluttered with interest :P


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