Sunday, July 13, 2008

10 things a Blogger must do

1. Always maintain your blog fresh:

No body will like the idea of reading the same content over and over. It is very much essential to constantly add new post to your blog. Atleat one post a day will do the trick. Keep posting original posts with an easy to understand way. Whenever you are providing content from a diffrent site/blog give proper credit. It shows the blogging ethics.

2. Research a lot before posting:

Whenever you make a post make sure that you are providing the corerct information to your readers, for this you need to do a lot of research before make your post available to your readers.

3. Interact with your readers:

It is the most important aspect in order to create an emotional and personalize bond with your readers. Try to reply to all comments and e-mails you receive in your blog. Most of the time readers seeks assistance with queries thay have and if they get assistance fron your blog they will surely be a loyal reader. Also share a part of your personal life with your readers.
4. Choose a clear and attractive theme:

Visual appearance of a blog counts a lot. Make sure that the background is of lighter color and text is of darker. A grey or white background with black text is the best combination. Somewhere I found a blog where the background was red and the text was of white color, it had a very informative article but I could hardly read it, so copied it to Word and then read it. So if this is the case with your blog no body will care for you to stay in your blog and take strain. Minimise the use of Java Script (if requires use it just above the closing body tag) as it slows the website loading time.

5. Register at Digital Point :

Digital Point (DP) is the most useful forum for web masters and bloggers. It has topics ranging from SEO, Monetization and technical issues related to seting up blog and web sites. The memebers in DP are too helpful and always ready to provide support. If you have not joined DP then you must give it a try.

6. Have your own domain name:

It is better not to go for a free blogging service like blogger or If you are seriously into blogging then register a domain name which bets describes your topic of blogging also known as your niche.
7. Sign-up for adsense/adwords:

Every body needs money for a better living and we are not the odd-man-out in this league. Adsense is the best contextual adertising program and it is easier to be approved by adsense as comapred to other advertising program. Again adsense serve better advertisement based on your content if your blog is well optimized. But keep in mind that your blog is not crowded with advertisement or it will loose readers interest. The earning from adwords can be spent to advertise your own blog through adwords.

8. Submit your content to Social Bookmarking site:

Social Bookmarking service like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon plays major role in bringing traffic to your web site/ blog. They also make your blog popular. Whenever you create a new post, it is good to submit it to various bookmarking sites.

9. Read fellow bloggers blog and comment:

Always visit other blogs and put comments. In this way you will be known in blogosphere and can have a few blogger friends. Provide your own judgement on the topic. Do not just spam their blog by writing comments like ‘thank you’ and ‘nice posts’. Commenting on other blogs will also fetch you some backlinks. Always ask for help from established bloggers.

10. Always write a recap of your best posts:

With due course of time many of your important posts are buried in pages in your blog. So visitors who lands on your home page may not get a chance to read those valuable posts.You can identify the popularity of your posts from the number of hits to that posts or the content that is very exciting. So at regular interval you can do a recap of your previous posts which have become popular among readers. Every month just write a recap of your 5 most popular posts. And after 3-4 months, you may consider to write a recap of 5 post popular posts among all those. This will give more exposure to your best posts.


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